California’s One-Year Population Decline

California’s one-year population decline has some wondering if the Golden State has lost its luster… Fucking really? Since 1963, California has been and continues to be the most populous Nation state in the country. But, even with everybody whose got an opinion...

Biden’s Democrats Are Not Coming to Save You

California!… Grow up, Biden’s Democrats Are Not Coming to Save You. The Democrats are in power in Washington again…. Whoopy. Why do Californians wanna pretend like this makes it all better. Like the last 4 years didn’t happen, and even though experience taught...

Donald Trump is Outlining a New MAGA Manifesto

Tonight’s theme for Voices of the California Nation is…Independence or Submission… In what could be a disturbing Calexit comic book style development for an occupied California, if we remain part of the United States that is… Donald Trump is outlining a new MAGA...

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