California!… Grow up, Biden’s Democrats Are Not Coming to Save You.
The Democrats are in power in Washington again…. Whoopy.
Why do Californians wanna pretend like this makes it all better.
Like the last 4 years didn’t happen, and even though experience taught us long ago that once Democrats get the power in Washington, they cash their donor checks, start talking bipartisan bullshit, fundraise for re-election, and drop any & all promises made to Progressive Californians…Need a reminder… Barack Obama had the chance to do real healthcare reform.
But Democrats caved to the insurance companies and republicans. They dumped the public option before Obamacare negotiations even began. Then, the Democrats fought the Progressive Senators who balked at the “Affordable Care Act” without that public option, harder than they fought the Republicans that opposed reforming healthcare at all.
And the punchline on this joke…
Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote anyway… So Yes!
Obama & the Democrats could have just as easily done Medicare for All. They chose not to.
So… Californian Independence Speaking… Gotta ask… How much faith do Californians put in a party that fucked up a slam dunk on Universal Health Care. How good can Biden’s DC be at dealing with those pesky little California problems like Draught, Wildfires, income inequality, and the homeless crisis…do I need to go on? Really, do I?
I mean those DC Democrats that Californians are saying make Independence unnecessary, just caved on their best shot to raise the minimum wage to $15.
But hey! It’s the senate Parliamentarian’s fault? … what is that weak shit?
Don’t believe it? Bernie Sanders introduced a $15 an hour amendment to the Corona relief package, and 8 Democrats voted against it, with no fear of consequences. They knew if the Biden White House really wanted it, they would have ‘Cancelled” any Dem who tried to stop it. So, no national living wage for California workers for a generation?… Oh wait, California is already moving toward $15 an hour on its own.
Kinda Points out the whole better off with California Independence / we don’t need America thing now doesn’t it.
Because really, if the Democrats can’t even pass a living minimum wage, then there’s really zero hope for free college, gun control, or real universal health care getting through congress anyway.
Especially when you consider Biden didn’t even use the terms draught, wildfire, or homeless in his “not a state of the union” speech…
Californians need to face the facts. Joe Biden won’t be FDR.
Most of the Democratic promises will need congressional support and, with new voter restriction laws, Biden’ll likely lose his congressional majorities in the 2022 midterm election anyway just like Obama did…. Game Over!

So, Californians need to put the work into California.
Seriously, get comfortable with the idea of California Independence over American dependence. Stand as that “Nation in All but Name” we already are and stop believing in federal political solutions to California problems… Look. The non-fight over the minimum wage demonstrates, America can’t get it done. and since no help is coming from Washington anyway, we might as well have the benefits of Independence because… we’re our own now anyway. And That’s probably for the best.
Ask yourselves, do you want the next generation of Californians growing up in a hopeless world where America’s large corporations are people that can get away with murder, literally in some cases, while US elected officials see people as inconveniences, so they do nothing to improve the lives of long-suffering Californians?
Do we as Californians need to tolerate the violence, hatred, and despair of America’s endless and unresolvable socio-economic, and racial culture wars, just to find out after the next collapse that there’s nothing left of California to save?
Why is it not a better solution for Californians to address America’s irreconcilable differences by letting California go its own way as a free nation? Modern Californians still have this dream that the U.S. will someday join the rest of the Western world in providing basic necessities like education and healthcare. But it won’t. And nothing California can do will fix that. For easily foreseeable decades, the U.S.A. will continue to go its own hyper-capitalist way.
A celebration, complete with fireworks and marching bands, of its status as the environmentally filthy, gun-toting, neo-feudal corporate-governed shitshow of the Western world! Ask yourself!
Are you as a Californian willing to stick it out knowing that there’s a good chance that the only thing that may shift the American trajectory is the total and inevitable economic collapse that will happen if the fed’s new Modern Monetary Theory turns out to be horseshit.

The US national debt is close to $30 Trillion but this MMT holds that the USA can’t go bankrupt, because it can just print more money…
Yeah, that’s right…really… not good news. Because countries historically that try to money-print their way out of debt usually have governments so broken that they’re already effectively failed states. So, the question you need to think about is…If hitting the iceberg is… or even… was… inevitable, why should we as Californians want to go down with the American ship.

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