In Washington DC, Congressional Lawmakers blew off President Joe Biden’s Tuesday, Police Reform deadline. 

The One-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by killer cop Derek Chauvin passed with Congress failing, like on gun control or climate change, to find common ground to an obvious and long standing institutionally embarrassing issue.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shrugged of the deadline, and I guess, a year’s worth of pointless U.S. house negotiation on what should have been a light-switch decision, by saying.

“I’m not a timetable person,” “You can’t do it until it’s ready and in the best possible way. And that is more valuable than having it ready a couple of weeks earlier.” …

Senate talks remained deadlocked over, qualified immunity, which is the politically sticky point that stalled the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act” in early March.

Which would also have banned chokeholds, no-knock warrants, and create a national data bank of police misconduct.

Even as it glaringly ignored the issue of the ongoing availability and use of militarized training, tactics, and equipment, by police forces against minority communities and American civilian citizens in general.

And now, some congressional Democrats have said they’re willing to put qualified immunity back on the table to get Republicans back for more talks…

Meaning we Californians can get ready for yet another federal government symbolic gesture or a same-o, same-o, toothless incremental change legislation that will get big press coverage and do absolutely nothing.

Because 50 years after Martin Luther King died, that’s the best the U.S. government ever does on civil rights issues anyway.

Talking Point:

What’s the national problem with admitting that Black Lives Matter?
That ultimately killing a human being over a traffic stop or a cigarette is just fucking wrong.

Why does it even take a year of negotiating to fix shit that is so obvious?

Pew Polls show 45% of even U.S. Republicans and 84% of Democrats support changes to policing laws.

George Floyd’s death ignited massive national and global protests, so it’s not even just we Californians, the entire world knows this is wrong.

So, again. What’s America’s problem?… Stupid Question.

As long as California remains part of the united states the federal laws Californians have to live under will be made by a lot of people Californians don’t vote for and who answer to lobbyist from out of state donors. Like…

A Kentucky senator from a state whose entire population is half the size of Los Angeles.

A North Carolina Congressman whose state capital is smaller than Bakersfield.

And in this case… A bunch of federal legislators that come from 11 different states where their entire African American populations couldn’t sell out Levi’s stadium for a 49ers game.

So why should they really care if Black Lives Matter or any other thing Californians might hold as California Values.

Independence or submission… again, That’s your Calexit Question for tonight.

Hello Californio!

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