California’s one-year population decline has some wondering if the Golden State has lost its luster… Fucking really?
Since 1963, California has been and continues to be the most populous Nation state in the country.
But, even with everybody whose got an opinion screaming about how terrible California has been for the last god knows how long, the state’s population has suddenly declined for the first time in its history. California officially lost 182,083 people in 2020 and The state will lose a congressional seat for the first time, based on a horribly flawed 2020 census that was specifically designed by the Trump administration to disaffect California’s Latin community while being taken in the middle of a lock-down pandemic.
Talking Point: I call Bullshit! Lots to unpack here…
1. Typical of todays America… The census itself was a broke ass joke and nobody in or out of the U.S. Government thinks it’s even remotely accurate, but California will be losing a congressional seat over it. Because the U.S. Government will use something that should absolutely be thrown out and done over again after the pandemic is under control at least. But hey, It’s the new American way, right?
“everyone knows it’s bad, but they can’t just agree it’s bad and fix it.”
2. California reported the deaths of 51,000 people due to Covid-19 in 2020. Californians rightfully mourn that loss. But why should California be financially and representationally penalized for honesty when Florida and Texas simply declined to report their Covid losses, so their population numbers are unaffected?…
3. Why would our own supposed federal representatives let them get away with it? California’s population was purposely harmed by that asshole Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, but somehow that’s California’s fault. California has always gotten the lions share of immigrants and as those policies end, well, those foreign Doctors, Scientists, and Engineers, who couldn’t immigrate because of the OrangenbloatenFuhrer, are not going to move to Hill Billy Kentucky…Sorry Mitch.
4. A quarter of California’s Homeless explosion were dumped here from red states… Everybody knows this… The census couldn’t count them… California will need federal resources to help them. But funding will be cut because they weren’t counted… So, Californians will have to pick up the tab… Again. And #5
5. California is the “Sanctuary” Nation state. Go ask the immigrant community… For every counted MAGAt that packed up and left California for Texas, at least one uncounted and undocumented immigrant fled Texas to come to California… Don’t believe it… Check housing prices.
Still, California’s population went down, the golden state has lost its shine you say?…
Then why does California’s State Department call 2020 just a one-year loss.
They predict as pandemic deaths drop, and federal immigration policies change, California will return to growth in 2021… Good News huh?
Yeah, except that the Federal Government will still use the 2020 numbers to screw California out of a congressional seat and badly needed tax revenue…
As long as California is just a state… right?

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