Look, It may be true that a lot of Democrats signed the recall petition as claimed… but it’s also true that a new poll released Tuesday by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies indicates that not many of them support it now.
The poll of 10,000 California voters asked about Newsom’s performance found that voters just split along party lines.
conservatives support it by 70% to 85% while liberal enthusiasm for a recall runs 4% to 9% and so-called moderates support the recall at about 30%.
geographically, for LA County and the Bay Area, about a quarter of people polled would dump Newsom and LA County contributed the most signatures to the recall effort at 264,495.
Not a surprise… 17% of LA’s 6 million voters are Republicans (1 out of 6)
The poll also shows conservative rural & mountain areas of California would remove Newsom but they didn’t vote for Newsom in the first place and by voting numbers… it’s not up to them… simply put.
Population center votes in SoCal and the Bay Area will be counted in the millions.
Jefferson and most central valley votes will barely count in the thousands…
And this poll says nothing about the freakshow of incompetent celebrity recall candidates we’d get to vote for if Newsom is actually voted out.
Talking Point:
Whatever happens, you can trust the Recall campaigns motives are bad for CA.
From the start it’s been financed by the same RNC that just sponsored voting right restrictions in 47 states, vowed to block any and all legislation from a dually elected Democratic president, and tossed Liz Cheney out of their own leadership because she didn’t support Trump’s big stolen election fascist bullshit.
No! This recall scheme was never anything more than part of a nationally partisan political game.
The Federal level, Republican National Committee attacking a sitting, legally elected, California State Official.
A MAGA hat wearing bastards joke with a punchline that puts CA on the hook for millions on a pointless special election we don’t need with Newsom up for reelection in 18 months anyway.
Think it through… Any legit campaign with legit motives would have just waited to use Newsom’s French Laundry Dinner terribleness against him in the normal 2022 election?
No! This is just a Trumpy tantrum style attempt to game our system and use it to disgrace California & California Values because THEY see Californians as the enemy.
So, let’s be clear… As a Californian I’ll say it loud and clear. Come November 2022 please… By all means, vote as your conscience dictates. But… Make no Mistake.
National Organization like the Democratic, and in this case, particularly the Republican National Committee are playing political power games like Recall Newsom here in California, just to score red vs blue points in Washington DC.
We already know They’d fiddle while California burned.
We already know They’d let Californian’s live on the streets. So…
We already know They’d change tax codes to specifically hurt Californians.
If you really believe Californians should control what happens in California, this recall is wrong…. Vote accordingly.

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