After years of denials of any such relationship the former CIM media organization YesCalifornia announced that it had been working continuously with a man named Louis Marinelli.
A man who’s stated priorities are the de-unification of the United States for the sake of Russian interests, and who sees California independence as nothing more than a way to that goal.
Mr. Marinelli, an American born Russian volunteer operative from Buffalo New York, had helped found YesCalifornia in 2015 but has been living in Russia for the past few years.
YesCalifornia president Marcus Ruiz Evans confirmed that YesCal was renewing and formalizing its relationship with Mr. Marinelli and would be assigning him to its new board of directors as a quote “advisor” end quote.
Mr. Evans attempted to justify these actions at a CIM Zoom conference stating that He and YesCal….

  1. “had always been the original & true leaders of the Independence Movement.”
  2. “were done working with organizations that he feels “couldn’t get it done.”(ignoring YesCal’s own monumental failings)
  3. That YesCal would now be working with and supporting foreign independence movements and their agents…. And
  4. “anyone wanting to join YesCal could become a member of his newly formed “CalExit Congress” board of directors.

This “congress” where half its original board members seem to either live outside of California or are California residents who primarily represent interests other than California’s Independence, are granted advisory powers only so that Mr. Evans & Mr. Marinelli alone make all the final decisions” and supposedly now control the California Independence Movement.
A dictatorship and cronies’ arrangement that would make Vladimir Putin proud.
As It allowed YesCalifornia to consolidate CIM contacts, subvert and recruit CIM members, and generally undermine successful and established CIM organizations for YesCal’s benefit… Great fun.
This action of course blindsided and outraged the actual “grass roots CIM organizations” that had grudgingly put aside past grievances with YesCal to work in unity for the greater good of California Independence.
It created short term chaos and damaged or ended actual ongoing Independence work, campaigns, and organizational efforts, across California. So…. Talking Point:
YesCalifornia is not a California Independence Movement Organization.
YesCalifornia is now and has always been a willing or useful idiot’s asset, supported and controlled by the Russian government.
YesCalifornia was created by Russian assets in California to delegitimize and subvert the real grassroots, California Independence Movement and try to use it as nothing more than a tool to damage the U.S. Government for the Russian Oligarchs. Because apparently, with Trump’s win in 2016 Moscow didn’t need YesCal so it was free to briefly work with legitimate California Independence Movement organizations. But Trump’s loss in 2020 created renewed interest in YesCal and Putin’s Government tightened their leash.
So, the legitimate California Independence Movement is alive and well and will never work with YesCal or any other agent of a hostile foreign power for the purpose of using our movement just to harm the United States.
The legitimate California Independence Movement Organizations are now and will always be dedicated to the peaceful, legal, and mutually consensual secession of California from the United states.
And the Legitimate California Independence Movement Organization are welcoming YesCal refugees who still seek independence without that whole “Russian stooge” thing.

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