About Us

Welcome to the Red Star Report, the voices of the California Nation

Who we are

Red Star Report is an evolving media group whose mission is to promote an emerging California Nation.

Our staff and contributors include known and respected California Independence Movement activists, and people who simply love being Californians and want to share their knowledge and love of the Golden State.

Our media reporters are dedicated to sharing our California Identity and to showcasing the unique people, places, history, and culture that make California an exciting and unique place and define California as a country in all but name.

What we do

Red Star Report uses media such as video segments, articles, and graphics that illustrate the benefits of and advocate for California independence.

We engage in blog posts, interviews and discussions with people and organizations both inside and outside of the California Independence Movement. We use these interactions to share our dedication to California values, show the free California perspective, and demonstrate our pride in our identity as Californians.

Why we do it

Red Star Report is, at its heart, an organization that is dedicated to the idea that California and its people would be best served by peacefully seceding from the United States within the scope of the law and becoming an independent nation.

We believe that California values and American values are not the same. California’s progressive values and beliefs are being held back by US government policies and by Americans who claim to hate California and who seek to undermine her progress.

We are dedicated to using this platform to show Californians how unique and amazing they and the state they live in really are. We want to demonstrate how the positive aspects of California’s history, people, and culture are what makes her different from the rest of the United States.  We seek to demonstrate to both Californians and non-Californians that these differences are not compatible with California remaining in the United States. We are just too different.

We believe that it is in California’s best interest to peacefully break free from the social and economic chains placed on her by the United States. We believe that by doing so we will be able to forge our own path in the world and become an even more vibrant and prosperous place to live.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Hal G. Lohr

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